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Feeling Giddy


Do you have a friend or family member who you think would be a great celebrant - but they are not qualified? With my guidance, you can have a person of your choosing run the majority of your ceremony! I will do all legal work, come to your event and complete the official requirements, and let your chosen person do the rest!

What to Expect:


First Meeting (Narangba, or Virtually).
If you like, you can bring along with your chosen Master of Ceremony.
This will be approximately an hour, during this time we will:

  • Complete and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage

  • Confirm venue details

  • Discuss my role on the day, and your MC's role

I will provide your MC with a detailed template to use whilst planning your ceremony - to provide structure and ensure our respective parts run smoothly. They don't have to use this - but it is a good starting point to create a basic outline of how the day will run. 

Prior to the event, your MC will email me a copy of their script. 
I will review, and provide help and advice where needed for up to three drafts. 

Rehearsal: I will attend your rehearsal - and provide guidance and support..
If over 20km from Narangba, an additional travel fee will apply

The final ceremony will be sent to me - to confirm all legal requirements are accounted for, and I will bring along a copy on the day. 

Day of Event

  • I will arrive to the event 30 minutes prior to commencement.

  • I will meet with you both individually to confirm neither of you are being coerced or forced into a marriage. You will then sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage, and I will sign as your witness.

  • I will introduce myself, share any housekeeping you like, and deliver the "Monitum" - legally required to be recited by a registered celebrant. This outlines the legally binding nature of marriage in accordance with Australian Law. 

  • I can then handover to your chosen person - who will use their experience as your loved one to deliver a wonderful ceremony!

  • Legal Vows must be said by you. It is important these are said word for word - so if you would like, I can assist by using a "repeat after me" style.

  • We will sign your Marriage Certificates.

  • I will register your marriage within 24 hours. 

Travel within 50km from 4504 is included. If travel to and from your venue is more than a 100km round trip, this will incur additional fee of 89 cents per km.

Prices subject to change.

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