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The Full Story

Nikita Bell

Get to know a bit more about me.

Hi, I’m Nikita - a wife, mother, unneccesary pie-chart maker, dog lover, and an Authorised Marriage Celebrant! 


While planning our overseas elopement in 2017, my husband and I were desperate to find a celebrant who would fill the void of our friends and family back home. We wanted someone who took the time to get to know us, was funny, and most importantly - who could make our ceremony intimate, meaningful and memorable. We were so lucky to find that someone (shoutout to Laura Giddey!), who knew exactly who we were and what we wanted, and went above and beyond to make our trip to NZ the most memorable experience. After our ceremony, my husband and I were BUZZING! It was everything we could have hoped for - full of laughs, tears and loving reflection on our relationship together. I said to my husband, “How amazing would it be to have a job where you get to make people feel great on one of the most special days of their life!” Three years later, I’ve become a registered civil celebrant and now am lucky enough to help couples make incredible memories on their wedding day!

Your ceremony should be a perfect reflection of the two of you - and the best part of your day!

Connecting with couples and building relationships, so I can write a great ceremony that they love is so important to me!

I am conscious to keep your ceremony fun, light and engaging - without being too big of personality and taking all of the attention.

Thank you to Daniel from Head North Films, and Isa and Paul for letting me share a small part of their day...


I want you to walk down the aisle, and feel like you have a third-wheeling friend up there with you. 

I don't say things like "holy matrimony"
(unless you want me to).
I'm not going to ramble for an hour about stuff you don't care about.


I will get to know you both - so I can add your inside jokes, subtle quotes from your favourite TV shows, and just make you both feel really bloody special!


I promise...

I promise that I will be nowhere near you when you share your first kiss. You will not be stuck with a photo of me in the background on your wall.

I promise that when you book me, I do an actual happy dance.  You can ask my kids. Although they usually say something along the lines of "WHAT are you doing!? That's not dancing!"

I promise to always reply to you. I am happy to help in any way I can. Need help finding the perfect team of vendors? Let me share some of my favourites!

Images by Lou. (Lou O'Brien)
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