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Your Questions

What do we have to do to get married in Australia?

First step - find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!
This can be someone of any gender.
We must ensure:

  • that you are both 18 or over (if you aren’t - additional legal conditions and advice are required)

  • neither of you are married to someone else

  • your partner is not your ancestor, descendant or sibling - through birth, or adoption. This means you cannot marry your parent/grandparent/child/sibling.  

  • you are both consenting to the marriage.


Before the marriage you will need to:

  • search your cupboards and files for your original birth certificate or passport! One of these documents will be required to confirm the date and place of your birth.

  • choose a celebrant that you love, and book them in for your chosen date!

  • give your celebrant a minimum of one month’s notice via the form “Notice of Intended Marriage” otherwise known as a the NOIM

  • prove your identity to them (passport or drivers licence are great options), and if you’ve been married before, provide evidence that your prior marriage has ended

  • your celebrant is legally required to provide you with a brochure that provides information about available relationship services, education and advice. 

On the day of your ceremony - the legal requirements include:

  • your marriage celebrant to identify themselves and the couple, and to ensure you understand the meaning of marriage, by quoting the 


  • two witnesses over the age of 18 years will be required to sign the wedding documents

  • the couple need to say to each other their legal vows

    the three required marriage certificates are to be signed by the couple, both witnesses, and the celebrant.

How did you determine your pricing structure?

I believe I have competitive pricing, that allows me to provide a great service - without compromising on quality. 

To be a registered Celebrant in Australia, I am required to pay an annual registration fee, as well as complete Ongoing Professional Development each year. On top of that, I needed to consider my equipment, as well as other administrative costs. I dedicate a lot of time to each couple, to ensure I capture their relationship in their ceremony. I also cover travel within a 100km round trip, provide a high-quality sound system, and unlimited phone and email support. 

Where can I view your privacy policy?

My privacy policy is available for download here

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