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What to Expect

Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable Events

When booking a ceremony with me – you can expect friendly and professional service, with attention to detail.

I guarantee that I will never book more than one event per day – so you can be assured, that your special day is all about you!

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Let's Chat:

Before you choose me - lets chat to see if I am the right fit for you!
It's important that you find a celebrant who you both feel comfortable with. Having someone with the same sense of humour, vision, and values as you do will ensure your ceremony is perfect. 

Currently, I am only offering virtual meetings - or depending on availability, I can sometimes offer an in-person meeting in the suburb of Narangba.

After our meeting, I will send you an email with next steps should you choose to book me. 

This will include my service agreement, and an invoice.
You will be required to pay a 20% booking fee (that comes off your balance) within 10 days for me to hold your date. 


Contact Me to arrange an obligation free meeting


We will arrange a planning meeting. Coffee is encouraged, but not mandatory.
This will either be local to Narangba, or virtual.
This will be approximately an hour, during this time we will:

  • Complete and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage

  • Sight identification (either passport, OR birth certificate and photo ID)

  • Confirm venue details

  • Start to design your ceremony

  • Discuss your vows

  • Answer any questions


Designing Your Ceremony:

I have a detailed ceremony builder booklet that we can use for inspiration to find the parts you like, and the parts you would rather leave out.  We will design your ceremony together, ensuring it unique to you. Your ceremony can be as long, or as short as you wish, and can incorporate any unique ideas you may have. The legal requirements for a marriage ceremony are minimal - as long as we fulfil them, the rest is up to you! I will provide a couple’s questionnaire, which will provide me with some meaningful content to include – about your relationship, goals, and hopes for your future together.


Two Weeks Before:

We will have a final chat, either in person or via video call, to confirm any changes, answer any questions, and do a little “OH MY GOSH YOU ARE GETTING MARREID SOON” dance. We will sign your Declaration of no Legal Impediment to Marriage form. If we don't have a rehearsal before today, we will use this opportunity to do a quick run through of who is standing where, and make sure you are feeling comfortable with how the day will run. 

Day of Event:
I will arrive to the event at least 30 minutes prior to commencement, and set up the P.A system if required. I will make sure everything goes smoothly – and provide any support you need on the day. You will have a beautiful ceremony - and then we will sign three marriage certificates, along with your two witnesses. 


After Event:

You live happily ever after, and enjoy giving each other goofy grins as you get used to calling each other “husband” or “wife”. I will lodge your paperwork with Births Deaths and Marriages within two days, and let you know when it has been processed.



I dress to look professional, and match your theme.

Name Change:

I will provide you with a detailed document outlining the steps needed to legally change your name if you choose to. The certificate I give you on the day is not sufficient to legally change your name – you will need to order a Births Deaths and Marriage’s Official Certificate – which currently costs around $60. If you would like me to arrange this for you – let me know, and I can add it on to my invoice.


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